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myriad of storms that ripped tonight on "nightline" -- twister terror. scores of tornadoes rip through the nation's heartland leaving behind untold death and destruction. tonight, we're on the ground with the very latest. plus, inner beefcake. what does jeremy lin, daniel dae kim and john cho have that we don't? this asian tycoon says his foolproof dating boot camp can take them from zero to hero. we tag along on their dates to find out. and overexposed? beyonce's doing it. kim kardashian's slamming it. and the tsa is in trouble for it. why all the controversy about nursing in public? >> announcer: from the global
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resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden, and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," march 2nd, 2012. good evening. i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, breaking news as dozens of tornadoes deliver a body blow to the nation's midsection turning towns into rubble and leaving 26 dead across 6 states. the path of destruction is historic in its width, with storms reported as far south as georgia and as far north as illinois. abc's ginger zee has been chasing the storms all day and reports now from henryville, indiana. ginger? >> reporter: cynthia, this is one of the most incredible steens i've ever come upon when storm chasing and one of the most incredible setups. to see it come to fruition has been unbelievable.
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>> that is just amazing. >> reporter: today will go down as one of the most destructive march days in recent weather history, tornadoes tearing up the heartland. this twister took aim at the tiny town of henryville, indiana. >> tornado. >> reporter: bearing down with winds estimated to near 165 miles per hour. the 2,000 residents here hit by a pair of tornadoes just minutes apart. >> total devastation. i lived here for 28 years and never seen anything remotely close to this. >> reporter: they were part of a myriad of storms this ripped across the country today. just the latest this week in a series of deadly twisters. the results, overwhelming devastation. >> we're looking at henryville, indiana, total destruction up there, folks. this is very, very serious. >> reporter: in henryville the roof ripped off the high school. a bus, tossed on its side. but miraculously it appears that none of the 400 students were
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injured. one person died in henryville, and almost every landmark in this little community was destroyed. >> you could see it just flying as fast as we could. >> as soon as we come back to the door. >> you could see it coming -- it was like right coming -- >> we had to run in the house and go in the basement. >> reporter: at least 13 people were killed across the state of indiana. we started chasing these violent storms first thing this morning. so we're in louisville, kentucky, and we need to get west. already, thunderstorms popping up all to our west. what they will do is move east and northeast. and the attempt is to intersect of them. >> this is actually a serious situation. a tornado emergency for northern madison county. >> reporter: the first two tornados of the day touched down in the northeast corner of alabama. >> holy crap. >> oh, my god. look at all that rain. look at it. >> reporter: ripping by this advanced auto parts store in harvest. another damaging buckhorn high
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school in new market, alabama, as a student filmed from inside, this is what it looked like from the outside. >> that's a big tornado on the ground. >> reporter: ten people were injured before the storm continued rolling north. this is going to be just a very dangerous day, and they've already issued a particularly dangerous situation. so this is something they don't do very often. it's called a pds statement. it's for the public, just means danger today. it struck next in tennessee. >> just like a train. just like they say it sounds like. it really does. >> reporter: in chattanooga, at least 20 homes were ripped off their foundation as this monster system took aim at indiana, we caught sight of the state's biggest twister just as it was forming. the time is 2:08. you've got to see this circulation. it is happening. the atmosphere is angry right now. you can see it. as the afternoon wore on, there was no letup.
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>> when you hear us tell you to get to your basement, i i don't want you to walk, i want you to run down into your storm shelter. >> reporter: so why did this happen? there are a few answers. but one is the position of the storm. it had plenty of heat and moisture to suck up from the gulf of mexico. that's what fueled the long-track thunderstorms. it had cold, dry air from the northwest. an incredible difference in temperature over a short distance. and, most importantly, it had wind shear, the one element you need for tornadoes. before today, authorities have counted about 120 tornadoes, 50% more than we'd normally have this time of year. communities from tennessee to indiana are still reeling from the impact of storms earlier in the week that left at least 13 people dead and hundreds injured. harrisburg, illinois, was one of the hardest hit this week. half of the known deaths came from this small town. they endured further tornado
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warnings again today. the images of destruction from across the heartland, heartbreaking, as damaged communities try to dig out of the rubble left behind. ginger zee, reporting for "nightline," henryville, indiana. >> such devastating images. our thanks to ginger zee tonight. "good morning america" will have the latest on the storms in the morning. coming up -- helping guys and busting stereotypes, this self-described asian playboy says he can make a casanova out of anyone inside his dating boot camp. [ degeneres ] what's more beautiful than a covergirl? two covergirls.
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it's on this friday night, a dating coach who calls himself the asian playboy, whose taking dead aim at a lingering stereotype. that asian men just don't get it when it comes to dating. he says his techniques can make lady killers out of anybody virtually overnight. it's not cheap. but is his boot camp worth it? abc's juju chang takes a look. >> reporter: it's been called the nerd handshake. jeremy lin and landry fields pretending to study the bible. and finish by putting imaginary glasses into a pocket protector. but lin has been able to dunk beyond his geek stereotype. growing up asian-american, my sisters and i were painfully aware of the biases. but it was worse for my brother. pop culture is full of asian nerd caricatures. think long duk dong in "sixteen candles."
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>> what's happening, hot stuff? >> reporter: or mr. chou in "the hangover." you know the assumptions, good at math, not so good with the ladies. that's where j.t. tran comes in. he's a self-styled asian playboy. >> you're going up to the girl. hi. >> reporter: he believes it's possible for any asian-american man, in fact, any guy, to channel his inner heartthrob. think harry shum jr., from "glee," john cho from "star trek" or daniel dae kim, from "hawaii 5-0." what's your best pickup line? >> my best pickup line is to come up to you and simply tell you you're beautiful. it's not that hard to mess up when you're nervous and stuttering. touch, turn, release. everybody say cookies. you're actually expected to go home and do this homework because i know how my asian brothers are.
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>> reporter: welcome to the a, b, cs of attraction. boot camp for asian men. he's teaching them how to walk, talk and dress, in order to pick up women. >> i didn't go on a single date until i was in college. >> reporter: j.t. says he can help these guys because he was once in their shoes. you weren't always the asian playboy. you were a bit of a nerd. >> absolutely. absolutely. i majored in aerospace engineering. >> reporter: a rocket scientist. >> yes. >> reporter: ronald is here because he wants to expand his options in the dating arena. you're buff. you've got style. you're handsome. why are you here? >> i want to break out of my asian circle. my friends aren't as willing to go out to a mixed club because they're just more asian centered. i like to taste the rainbow. you know what i mean? >> reporter: j.t.'s rise from geek to guru has inspired ronald and his classmate to fork over a jaw-dropping $3,500 for a weekend of styling.
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>> pay attention. paying attention, paying attention. >> reporter: controversial tip number one, get rid of what he calls the asian poker face. >> you've got to change your facial expressions. if you're telling a sad story, look sad. telling an excited story, look excited. >> reporter: tip number two, the touch, turn, release. >> go like this. when you make eye contact, smile. >> reporter: next up, a little fashion advice. >> when you roll up like this, it also makes your torso look longer. >> wow, look at your pants. >> reporter: on hand to assist j.t. is sarah, a blonde wing woman in four-inch stilettos. and a wing man, a former rock had 'n' roll roadie named garrett. >> just do this. >> and my bling-bling. >> reporter: after two days of lectures, it's time for a little field research. >> look at these handsome asian men. >> reporter: ronald and his colleagues are dressed up and ready to go. >> i practiced whatever i
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learned today. and i'm going to give it a try and see how it goes. you know? >> reporter: the guys are hesitant at first. >> you need to come in with a little bit more energy. >> reporter: but with more pep talks and some liquid courage, the guys loosen up. ronald introduces himself to a pretty blonde. >> ron ron. >> reporter: they get to talking. >> so what makes you tick? >> reporter: and soon he's giving her a palm reading. >> this one is your love life. >> reporter: his newly acquired pickup skills seem to be working all the way to the dance floor. back at the hotel, the guys meet for a postmortem, and ronald is the man of the hour. >> you're the one making guys jealous. i wish i was that guy. >> just all these guys around me staring at me. >> she was gorgeous. >> yeah. >> from then on, it was really very easy.
11:50 pm
>> reporter: ronald spoke to the blond a few times after but discovered she had a serious boyfriend. however, he now says he's more confident about dating both asian and non-asian women. just one night out, and one step closer to overcoming the asian geek stereotype. >> that was a lot of fun. >> that was fun. >> i am excited for you guys. everybody here like pushed. >> who is a better man today than they were yesterday? all right. group hug. all right. >> reporter: and they discovered that the only way to break the stereotype is to not believe it. for "nightline," i'm juju chang in new york. >> a philosophy worth considering. well, coming up, what does the tsa, beyonce and kim kardashian all have in common? they're all caught up in the great lactate debate when we come back. ♪
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and finally, the latest of the so-called culture wars. the topic, breast-feeding in public. so called lactavists call it healthy and natural. constantly trailed by photographers, megastar beyonce was caught doing it and got an earful. >> reporter: for any mom who has anguished about breast-feeding in public, imagine beyonce's plight. chased by the paparazzi, who earn six figures just for a snapshot of the queen and blue ivy. she was shot at a restaurant, breast-feeding blue ivy. this isn't just any baby. she's the youngest voice on the
11:57 pm
billboard charts, released just two days after her birth. even before she was born, there were tribute videos like this one, posted by fans on youtube, imagining the hip-hop diva breast-feeding. when somebody like beyonce nurses her child in public, does that help? >> yes, and no. sometimes it can be beneficial because she's such a public figure. it can be seen as a show. >> reporter: perhaps without even meaning to do so, beyonce has now chosen sides in a long-running national debate between new mothers and many people who encounter them in public. on the other side, there's kim kardashian, who recently expressed her outrage about a woman breast-feeding at the next table from her. ew, i'm at lunch, she tweeted. so was the baby, of course. that look can speak louder than words. i guess it's sort of seen as
11:58 pm
suspiciously european? >> yes. yeah. this country is -- you know, we don't -- breasts are more than just for food. >> what are you doing? >> i'm feeding the baby. >> reporter: in this country, breast-feeding may be perfect fodder for "sesame street." >> that's a funny way to feed a baby. >> nothing to be ashamed of. breast-feeding is perfectly natural. >> reporter: for guys, like ben stiller in "meet the parents," breast-feeding is freud country. where it suddenly moves into mommy territory. >> i call it the manory gland. i had it made from an exact cast of debbie's left bosom. >> reporter: when it comes to this highly-charged but perfectly natural bodily function, it can make news. the tsa has had to learn that lesson again. most recently in hawaii, when a screener had to prove that a breast pump was real by using it.
11:59 pm
they're not supposed to do it. and when celebrities take on breast-feeding as a personal issue, it gets some attention. "nightline" profiled selma hayek in sierra leone, a country where the culture discourages breast-feeding. and it leads to malnutrition. this video of when hayek breast fed a little boy went viral. stars don't often breast-feed perfect strangers. perhaps beyonce was trying to make amention. when she gave birth to blue ivy, she and jay-z rented an entire wing of lenox hill hospital. a breast-feeding group threatened to sue. now, beyonce has joined the breast-feeding brigade. asserting her right to breast-feed, even wh with paparazzi in hot pursuit. i'm david wright for "nightline," in los angeles. >> go, beyonce. tonight, a recap of our top story. that line of the deadly storms across the nation's

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